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Toll Free: 1.866.686.0451

"There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters."

Children's Programs
In-School Programs

Safety Notice

Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet and/or computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer, call your local hotline, and/or call the Domestic Violence Intervention Hotline.



Crisis/Safe Space

DVI operates a crisis shelter for women who need immediate relocation to a safe space for stays as long as 30 days. This shelter is situated in a confidential location and can accommodate up to 25 persons when operating at capacity. Our shelter is protected by a comprehensive security system and is staffed 24 hours a day. The crisis shelter meets not only the material needs of its residents through food, clothing and housing but also provides emotional support, psychological counseling and systems advocacy. All services are provided without charge. While in shelter, women are encouraged to begin setting goals and planning for self sufficiency with assistance from staff.

Transitional Housing

Our latest program for battered women who need long term assistance in rebuilding their lives is a transitional housing facility. Women who meet enrollment guidelines are accepted into the program and relocated to a fully-furnished apartment where they can reside for up to 24 months. Women who choose to participate must agree to abide by specific guidelines for residency. They must actively engage in a rigorous but rewarding program of personal development and self-sufficiency. As part of the program, enrollees pay partial rent each month on a sliding scale, and are responsible for utilities such as personal phone and cable television.

Shelter for Male Victims

Although these programs were established for women, who are disproportionately the victims of domestic violence, shelter services are also provided for men who are victims of abuse. Provisions for men are handled on case by case basis, according to the specific needs of the victim.